Reach to Teach works in partnership with State Governments to strengthen the quality of teaching and learning outcomes in government schools. We work at a systemic level building upon our extensive work with communities in the field for over a decade. Central to our work is fostering teacher agency. Appropriate technology is the enabler that allows us the farthest outreach. Reach to Teach has its corporate office in Gurugram, with project offices located in focus states.


Every child will have access to quality education to enable them to become confident social citizens with improved life chances


We strive to improve education outcomes by making learning joyful, working with governments, partners, parents and communities, with foundational learning skills at the core.

We believe

  • Every child has the right to quality education
  • Children learn best when they are safe, happy and engaged
  • Enhancing teacher agency is critical to strengthen learning outcomes
  • Engaging with stakeholders, such as governments, school leaders, teachers, and the larger community plays a pivotal role in children learning

Our work is aligned with

NEP 2020

Recommendations in the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020


We support achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Theory of Change

We take a systems approach to strengthening education outcomes keeping teacher agency at the centre of our design. We provide technical support incorporating a consultative, evidence-based approach. Programme embedded monitoring and evaluation mechanisms allow learning from our interventions and create opportunities for concurrent course correction. We create contextual designs supported through multimodal technology solutions.

The four pillars that underlie our work

Service Offerings

Our service offerings follow a modular approach. This keeps our interventions agile, whilst giving us the wherewithal to work with stakeholder requirements. Broadly, our work revolves around three central pillars: Governance, Capacity Development and Outreach.

As our offerings are modular, they can be combined to offer a composite programme.

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Individual Service Offerings


We design Accreditation Frameworks (based on NEP 2020) for State Education Departments to objectively measure school performance and critical areas of improvement through robust indicators.

Leadership Development

We engage with school leaders to identify school improvement processes, build teacher capacity and strengthen good governance.

Continuous Professional Development

We design bespoke training modules after consultatively assessing needs of head teachers, teachers and other system actors to strengthen teaching practices and school governance.

Foundational Literacy and Numeracy

In consultation with all relevant stakeholders, we design state specific FLN/remedial interventions and carry out training for efficient delivery of the programme.

School Readiness Programme (SRP)

A six-week programme for Classes 1-5 at the beginning of the academic year to help children return to the routine of attending school, interacting with peers and participating in the process of learning after a break.

Learning Recovery Programme (LRP)

Spanning Classes 1 to 12, the LRP allows students the opportunity to recover the learning they may have missed out enabling them to reach grade-appropriate learning levels.

Learning Enhancement Programme (LEP)

The LEP is intended to strengthen school and classroom processes to enhance grade--level learning and to equip student with advanced knowledge and skills.

Composite Service Offering

Comprehensive School Transformation Programme

Comprehensive School Transformation Programme

By engaging with all stakeholders in the education ecosystem the programme focusses on improving teaching and learning outcomes, for classes 1-12, through academic reforms, capacity development, community engagement and governance reforms.

Our Impact



Head Teachers and Teachers




Data Source: UDISE+ 2021-22 numbers published by Ministry of Education

Arunachal Pradesh

Our Partners

Strategic Partners

Larry Ellison Foundation(LEF)


Government Partners

NITI Aayog

Gujarat State Education Department

Haryana State Education Department

Arunachal Pradesh State Education Department

Meghalaya State Education Department

Service Partners


ITOWE Foundation

The London School of Economics and Political Science


Moore Kingston Smith