COVID-19 Intervention

The prolonged school closures during the pandemic impacted student learning. Due to inequal access to digital classrooms, several children were left out of the learning process. Teachers had to quickly adapt to multi-modal ways of engaging. In the first wave of COVID-19, Reach to Teach had a two-pronged approach. At one level, we supported the Education Department in disseminating their Ghare Sikhiye (home learning) module. At another level, we focused on two districts and created awareness packs, guidelines for parents and teachers, and incorporated other local innovative practices to increase the outreach of these packs. The state adapted a lot of the practices we created in these two districts for state-wide implementation. During the second wave of the pandemic, we worked with the Education Department to create content for their home learning packs

Several interventions like television and radio advertisements, sending out digital posters, and creating activities for parents to engage with children created an opportunity for them to bond and learn about things beyond the school curriculum.